Thursday, 26 April 2012


Type1 dibetes mellitus is caused by the destruction of beta-cells of the pancreas.The process is autoimmune in nature and results in  absolute deficiency of insulin in the blood. Shortly after the patient is diagnosed and insulin is started,there may be restoration of insulin production by the beta-cells for some period of time.This phase is temporary and is known as "honeymoon phase".During this phase the insulin requirements of the patient decrease and in  some cases patient may not require any insulin.Since the autoimmune destruction of the beta-cells is going on ,the time is reached when insulin requirements start to rise again.Honeymoon phase in type1 diabetes can be explained in terms of  'glucotoxicity'.There are high levels of glucose in the blood before insulin is started and these high glucose levels temporarily inhibit the insulin production of some beta-cells.When a patient is diagnosed and insulin is administered ,blood glucose levels begin to fall ,and the beta cell function is restored.As explained above ,the destruction process of beta-cells is autoimmune and is ongoing therefore insulin levels in body would tend to decrease with time.

                        Honeymoon phase may last upto few months,after which insulin requirements would rise again.It is important not to stop insulin completely during honeymoon phase as it gives false hope of cure and makes future treatment difficult.It is prudent enough not to stop insulin completely during honeymoon phase but insulin doses can be adjusted to avoid hypoglycemia.

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