Tuesday, 8 May 2012


All the patients with type1 diabetes and insulin dependent type2 diabetes should know the the proper technique of insulin injection.

1.Wash your hands properly before touching anything.

2.Pull the plunger of  the syringe back to draw air into the syringe equal to the amount of insulin units to be injected.Now insert the syringe neddle into the rubber stopper of the insulin vial and push all the air into the vial.Now pull the equal amount of insulin units  to be injected into the syringe.

3 .Select the site of injection and inject the insulin after cleaning the site of injection with a clean cloth or cotton.

4. Ideal sites for insulin injection  are the abdomen, about 2inch away from the umblicus,and outer aspects of the thigh.

5. Insulin is injected in the subcutaneous tissue.At sites where subcutaneous tissue is thick, needle may be inserted verticall at 90 degree angle after gently punching up the subcutaneous.At sites where subcutaneous is thinner ,needle angulation is necessary so that inuslin is not injected in deeper tissue.

6. The site for insulin injection should be rotated to prevent lipohypertrophy..

7. After injecting insulin subcutaneously ,don't rub the site of injection.

8. Regular and premixed insulin should be given atleast 30 minutes before a meal.

9. Premixed,NPH and lente insulins should be resuspended by gently rooling the vial between the palms.

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